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Gynecology Services

Women's Center/HealthCare Physicians, PLLC (WCHCP) offers a vast array of gynecological services and procedures.

Abnormal pap smear evaluation - The abnormal pap smear result can be a distressing experience for patients. Modern medicine has identified the HPV (human papilloma virus) as the culprit in causing the abnormal pap smear. An in-office procedure termed a colposcopy may be required for further evaluation. Hospital surgery in some instances may be warranted.

Annual Gynecological Exam with Pap Smear - the pap smear has caused a dramatic decrease in the incidence of cervical cancer since its advent almost 70 years ago. Included in the annual examination is a thyroid check, breast exam, abdominal exam, pap and pelvic exams. If necessary, other organ systems will be evaluated depending upon a patient's history.

Adolescent Gynecology/Elder Gynecology - both adolescents and the gynecological patient over age 70 require special attention which WCHCP provides.

Breast Care - Self breast examinations are taught in our office along with a physician directed examination. Mammogram referrals are provided. There is patient education highlighting breast cancer prevention measures.

Contraceptive Service/Family Planning - All contraceptive options are offered at WCHCP which include both temporary and permanent options. Surgical tubal ligations are performed which include the ESSURE method.

Gynecological Care - WCHCP is pleased to offer comprehensive gynecological care. These services include but are not limited to identification and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal bleeding and other gynecological conditions.

Gynecological ultrasound - WCHCP is proud to offer total gynecological ultrasound services with a certified sonographer. Nabila Naeb, has additional medical training in addition to specialized ultrasound skills and she is available in the office monthly.

Incontinence care - The involuntary loss of urine plagues some women. WCHCP is prepared to evaluate the causes of the incontinence and to treat patients both medically and surgically. Dr. Hannah coordinates her patients care with a urogynecologist (a specialist in female urological issues) for the complete and total evaluation of her patients.

Infertility care - Fifteen percent of couples have difficulty with infertility which is defined as inability to conceive after one year of regular intercourse. Our office provides both education and treatment of the infertile couple. For those patients who need more specialized care, Dr. Hannah offers coordinated care with reproductive endocrinologists and infertility specialists. If patients require this treatment once they conceive they are welcomed back to Dr. Hannah's office for the duration of the pregnancy.

In office surgery - For the convenience of the patient, some surgical procedures can be done in the office. These include both uterine, cervical and vulvar procedures.

Major hospital surgery - Dr. Hannah provides complete gynecological surgery at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. Soon to be offered will be the DaVinci robotic method.

Menopausal care - With the increasing number of baby boomers entering menopause there has been an increase in treatment options. These options include bio-identical hormone treatment. These hormones are carbon copies of the hormones that were present during the younger years.

Minor hospital surgery - Some surgical procedures are done on an out-patient basis. These include laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Generally these procedures afford patients the ability to go home the same day and to return to work within a day or two.

Primary Care Services - Limited primary care services are provided at WCHCP. These include cholesterol screening, osteoporosis treatment, colorectal cancer initial screening, both urinary and upper respiratory tract evaluation and treatment. Vitamin D and thyroid screening is also offered at WCHCP.

Services & Procedure
  • Gynecological Care
  • Incontinence Care
  • Menopausal Treatment
  • Complete Pregnancy Care
  • Obstetrical Ultrasound
  • Abnormal Pap Smear Evaluation
  • Annual Exams / Pap Smears
About Dr. Barbara Hannah
Barbara A. Hannah, M.D. is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist.

"Patient education is extremely important because there is much misinformation out there that patients must sift through", says Dr. Bobbi.